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Logistics Management cc is a “specialist” management support organisation, formed to provide expert knowledge, analytical skills, and practical support, in the fields of Logistics, Supply Chain, Distribution and Transportation, to companies that are either experiencing problems in these areas, or alternatively, who wish to re‑look at these aspects of their business with the view to changing, upgrading, and/or improving their current strategy, tactics, or methods of operating.

These activities are based on two fundamental values, namely:

  • A holistic, or systems approach to all analysis, formulation, problem solving and implementation
  • An emphasis towards the scientific analysis of management issues wherever applicable & appropriate.


Our Specialised Services

Supply Chain Planning

The main logistics and supply chain focal areas revolve around the following, beginning with Supply Chain Planning. This involves the research, analysis, and development of Corporate Supply Chain Strategy and the preparation of formal Strategic, Tactical, and/or Operational Business Plans.

Demand Analysis & Forecasting

The scientific/statistical analysis of Demand Patterns & Cycles, and Forecast projections.

System Modelling & Optimisation

The modelling of Distribution Systems, and the What-if analysis of the same using the model.

Customer Service Levels & Service Performance Standards

The setting & measurement of Transport and Distribution Customer Service Levels. Using differentiated Service Levels for greater customer satisfaction.

Business Cycle Analysis & Design

The optimal integration, design, and functioning of the core Business Cycle (or Order Flow) processes.

Process Analysis or Business Re-engineering

The analysis of key processes, and the re-engineering of the same for optimal performance and effectiveness.

Queuing Analysis

The analysis of flow and queuing problems.


The simulation of Logistical or Distribution Systems.

Resource & Capacity Analysis

The analysis of Distribution resource and capacity requirements, performance standards, and utilisation.

Warehousing & Inventory

The Storage, Handling, and Flow of Inventory through a Distribution System. The establishment of Stock Levels.

Distribution Contracts

The drawing up of 3rd Party Agreements for complete, or portions of, the Company’s Business Cycle.

Logistics & Distribution Audits

Structured analysis of total Company Logistical or Distribution Systems.


The development & presentation of open, or in-house management, supervisor and operating training courses.

Conferences & Workshops

Presentation of core topics at open, or in-house business conferences.

Specific Transport Logistics

Distribution Strategy & Distribution Planning

The research, analysis, and development of Company Distribution Strategies. Preparation of formal Strategic, Tactical, and/or Operational Business Plans.

Market Investigations & Surveys

Surveys into new, or existing markets, services, and/or differentiated service level opportunities.

Competitive Analysis & Positioning

Determination of competitive advantages, competitive performance, and market positioning.

Customer Service Levels & Service Performance Standards

The setting & measurement of Transport & Distribution Customer Service Levels. Using differentiated Service Levels for greater customer satisfaction.

Transport & Distribution Alternatives

Evaluation of alternative Transport/Distribution modes, systems, or options.

Transport & Distribution Audits

A structured analysis of any Transport or Distribution operation to evaluate its overall efficiency & effectiveness.

Operational Performance & Productivity Analysis

The scientific/statistical analysis of important elements of operational performance/non-performance.

Transport & Distribution Contracts

Drafting of Transport, 3rd Party Distribution , 3rd Party Maintenance, Internal, and Owner-Operator Contracts.

Resource and Capacity Analyses

Analysis of Transport & Distribution resource/capacity requirements, performance standards, & utilisation.

Depot/Facility Location & Development

Depot location, design, and development.

Transport and Distribution Planning & Control Systems

The analysis, selection, and/or development of optimal resource planning and control systems. Manual, semi-computerised, & computerised routing and scheduling.

Problem & Opportunity Analysis

The analysis, and recommendations to correct/take advantage of service problems and opportunities.

Operational Costings

The costing, analysis, and often modelling of specific Transport and Distribution operations.

Workshop Management

The smooth planning, operation & control of Transport Workshops.

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